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There was a serious lack for Garden Gangstas in Seminyak, so where better to start then its heart! <3

Who are we? Described as the ‘New cool kids on the block’ & as the Yak’s new ‘hot spot’ by Bali’s biggest names… but really we’re Salad-o-holics if there ever were any! Hence how the idea of having a largedaily changing salad bar was born!...Essentially we’re all about the super… the super-foods, the super-smoothie and the super large portions of nutritious foods! 100% Vegetarian, with a few Vegan, Gluten Free and Raw options- we make health our priority!

With a Byron Bay/raw food background and a love for coffee shops, we wanted to create a chill hang out, with Garden Gangsta vibes and great Coffee.

Wood & whites are prominent elements of our Scandinaviandriven decoration where you’ll find the odd cactus laying around. (These fellas have had a lot of #INSTA attention with their suggestive shapes)

EAT. DRINK. AND SHOP LOCAL! We support ethically run farms by sourcing out locally produced Organic goods and farming in the Café Organic Gardens ourselves as well!

We call ourselves Gangstas because we don’t follow the rules… (well some of them!) Feel like a fruit salad? Our ‘Pineapple House’ fruit salad is served in a sliced Pineapple! On the Pineapple subject, don’t be surprised if you get served one when you ordered a Juice- it might just be inside! Defying the habits and customs is what makes us who we are, #GardenGangstas. Oh So G!

Sharing the love through our foam shaped love hearts on coffees, Coconuts, but also Smoothie Bowls! #LoveisEverywhere

Accomplishments have been converting meat lovers to part-time vegetarians and Smoothie bowl haters to lovers!

Ever since hearing the old “Gotta try the coffee here mate, its bloody good!” We’ve decided to launch the ‘Garden Gangstas ROAST’ coffee made by yours truly. So keeo your eyes peeled & pop in to say hi! X

Garden Gangstas

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EAT.DRINK.SHOP LOCAL! We support local farmers by purchasing but also producing our own fruits & vegetables in the Café Organic Gardens!

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For the Love of good Coffee! #GARDENGANGSTASROAST The Garden Gangstas Roast is a sumptuous blend of our own Coffee beans available for purchase at Café Organic exclusively

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Options for everyone! With everything you have the option to change your base for a raw, vegan or gluten free one! Be it Pancakes, Smoothie Bowls, Smoothies or Coffees jump on the health Bandwagon!



Our Organic Menu

Price 90K

This beautiful breakfast bowl of bliss was created for Matcha Maiden by the lovely Catalina – editor extraordinaire of The Unimpossibles! The Unimpossibles comprises an amazing collection of hashtag-clean-eating recipes (like this one), inspired DIY tips and insightful features on interesting humans, fashion, events – Matcha Maiden’s go-to for everything and anything!

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  • With a love of good coffee comes a good coffee shop.   We went for Scandinavian vibes, Wood & Whites with two key words: minimalistic and simplistic. With a pop…

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